Malakoff Diggins Cultural Resource Management Evaluation Report

Mark Selverston

The Anthropological Studies Center (ASC) will evaluate the National Register eligibility of identified historic-component cultural resources as potential contributors to the Malakoff Diggins North Bloomfield...

Feb 2017 to Jan 2023

Saddleback Ranch Archaeological Project

Mark Selverston

The Anthropological Studies Center (ASC) has been conducting archaeological studies at Saddleback Ranch since 2013 with the generous support of Ned and Carol Spieker, with...

Nov 2016 to Jun 2021

Watershed Academics to Enhance Regional Sustainability (WATERS) Collaborative

Claudia Luke

The WATERS Collaborative enhances watershed management needs and academic training of students. Our goals are to:

  • create a trained and local workforce with water knowledge and expertise 
  • ...
Jun 2012 to Dec 2022