Spotlight on Scholarship


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs invites you to our Spring 2024 SSU Spotlight on Scholarship lecture series. Spotlight on Scholarship is a campus-wide lecture series for faculty members to present their research, scholarly or creative activities to a wide audience. This is designed to elevate the work that faculty are doing at Sonoma State, foster collaborations and engage students. 

For faculty interested in presenting for future series, please email

Spring 2024 Presentation Schedule
January 29, 2024 – Monday – 12PM – Stevenson 1102
Using Acoustics and Sensors in the Air and Space for Monitoring Ecosystem Biodiversity and Health
Dr. Matthew Clark, Geography, Environment and Planning
February 7, 2024 – Wednesday – 12PM – Stevenson 1300
Individual Differences in Learning & Re-learning Motor Skills: Apply Science into your Skill Learning
Dr. “YJ” Yonjoong Ryuh, Kinesiology
February 14, 2024 – Wednesday – 3:30PM – Stevenson 1301
Race (Un)Awareness: Immigrant Early Childhood Teachers and Self-Identity
Dr. Ayesha Rabadi-Raol, Education
February 22, 2024 – Thursday – 4:00PM – Stevenson 1301
Thomas Paine and the Enshrinement of Race at the Founding of the United States
Dr. Anthony Rizzuto, English
February 28, 2024 – Wednesday – 12PM – Stevenson 1101
Who Blames Democracy for a Bad Economy?
Dr. Puspa Amri, Economics

March 5, 2024 – Tuesday – 12PM – Stevenson 1301
Fostering Multilingual Learners' Biliteracy Through Teacher Preparation & Family Engagement
Dr. Edward Lyon, Dr. Rhianna Casesa and Dr. Fawn Canady, Education
March 11, 2024 – Monday – 3PM – Stevenson 1301
Building the Celestial Bunker & Securing Survival Through Outer Space Colonization
Dr. Emily Ray, Political Science

April 4th, 2024 – Thursday – 12PM – Stevenson 1301
The Mathematics of Mathematics (#METMATH): An Introduction & Some Examples
Dr. Omayra Ortega, Mathematics

April 18th, 2024 – Thursday – 12PM – Stevenson 1301
Insect population declines: How serious is the problem in California and do insects possess genetic variability needed to adapt to environmental change?
Dr. Nathan Rank, Biology