Centers and Institutes

The president of each California State University campus is delegated the responsibility for the approval and oversight of campus centers and institutes in accordance with existing CSU policy. At Sonoma State University, centers and institutes fall under the umbrella of the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP). ORSP provides oversight for centers and institutes, approves their formation and structure, can help set appropriate goals for success and sustainability, and coordinates annual reporting to the Chancellor's Office. Please review Sonoma State University's (SSU) Policy on Establishment, Operation, and Supervision of SSU Centers and Institutes (revised draft policy is pending approval) for more information and see guidance for common processes below. All related questions and documents should be directed to Arcelia Sandoval at (707) 664-2066 or

Establish a New Center or Institute

To establish a new center or institute you need to complete the New Centers & Institutes Proposal Application. When submitting your proposal application, please attach a copy of your proposed center or institute's signed letter of endorsement from the academic unit involved, appropriate college dean or other official charter, and return to ORSP. The AVP for ORSP will provide a recommended action to the Provost and President for final approval. Once approved by the President, you will be able to use the center or institute name.

Renew Existing Centers or Institutes

There are two levels of reporting requirements to maintain centers and institutes: annual reporting and reporting every seven years. These reports are based on a fiscal year rather than on a calendar year. To comply with requirements from the Chancellor’s office and SSU policy, a center or institute must submit a Centers & Institutes Annual Reporting Form that includes a financial report (sources of income, budget and expenditure information), summary of the activities, and reports of the center or institute during the previous fiscal year. This summary will list participants, institutional and externally funded grants and contracts awarded to the center or institute, and any publications or creative projects. Every seven years a center or institute must submit a Centers & Institutes Seven-Year Renewal Request Form that includes the same information stated above.

Suspend or Dissolve a New Center or Institute

To suspend or dissolve a center or institute, you must obtain approval via email for suspension or dissolution from the academic unit(s) involved followed by letter or emailed memo from the appropriate college dean or other official charter. Suspension will be considered by the President, Provost or AVP for ORSP under the following circumstances:

  • Upon request of the director
  • Failure to provide the required reporting documentation
  • Unable to be self-funded
  • Not fulfilling the mission of SSU

Centers & Institutes at SSU